Bloomberg lists possible paid Twitter services

The company has been trying to monetize its services for several years by moving away from advertising sales. So, in addition to paid Tweetdeck, Twitter may launch a service for paying for exclusive content to other users or a “cancel sending” button.

Twitter is considering introducing a number of paid features to reduce its reliance on ad revenue. It is reported by Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with such activities of the company.

According to them, several teams are exploring the potential of paid services. One of the ideas is related to the ability of users to transfer money to those they follow for exclusive content. Other scenarios involve charging for services such as Tweetdeck (an app that adds more functionality than the regular Twitter app that the company bought in 2011), and user enhancements such as adding an “undo tweet” button.

Twitter head of sales Bruce Falk outlined improving revenue sustainability as a top goal for the company. At the same time, he added that measures for its implementation may include subscriptions.

The company has been trying to bring the idea of ​​paid services to life for several years. In 2017, for example, a dedicated team looked into ways to charge for Tweetdeck, including asking users what features they would be willing to pay for. The company then discussed options for creating a tool that would help users manage multiple accounts at once, or introducing ads in Tweetdeck with the option to turn it off for money, writes Bloomberg. As a result, the study was terminated, and the idea with paid subscriptions was not tested.

With Twitter getting closer to testing paid products, Bloomberg has compiled a list of services for which the social network can charge, based on past statements from the company’s management:

function to disable ads;
using Tweetdeck;
payment for exclusive content;
video with higher quality;
account verification (Bloomberg states that Twitter polls show interest in verifying business accounts for a fee, but it’s not yet clear how this might work);
analytics (more in-depth than what currently exists, such as statistics on subscribers or the best time to make a post);
custom features such as stickers.