Which posts to post first?

Before the promotion begins, it is necessary to make several publications on the community wall about dubai satta king so as not to scare away the first subscribers with a complete lack of content. There is no significant difference in the first and subsequent publications in the group.

So that in the future the publication of content does not turn into a burden and you do not waste time thinking about what information to share with subscribers, it is better to prepare a content plan even before the start of promotion.

What is a content plan? This is a list of individual content types, sorted by day of the week. The surest way to determine what kind of content to publish is to research competitor groups. Examine the posts and determine what types of content they are. It can be:

Story about services and goods;
Useful information for subscribers, such as infographics;
Announcements of materials on the site;
Telling stories about your brand;
Presentation of new products.
In general, all content in any group can be divided into three categories: entertaining, informational and selling. Find a balance between them – and the golden key is in your pocket.